having to hide my tattoos for work makes me look like quite the wristcutter.

speaking of work, i have to remember 15 different kinds of sashimi and their individual different ways of being cooked. like were talking japanese pufferfish, firefly squid, sea snail, saltwater clam, amberjack, flounder… in japanese! i have suck little knowledge about fish i didn’t even realize. and don’t get me started on the different kinds of 日本酒.
i would pick the hardest izakaya to get started in……
and they had me serving guests on the first day! i hadn’t even read through the menu once! it’s so difficult to hear what the guest are ordering if you don’t even know what on the menu because these bros will say a list of 6-7 things in one row and i’m like wait what
this is by far the most challenging thing yet. and having extreme anxiety to go with that. but the guests were kind and some even started calling me by my first name… if i can only get the routine down and remember the words. i have to i have to i have to. ganbaro. 
today also im finally going to look at my apartment. please let it become mine ;_;

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  • Posted: 19 March 2013