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Lisa thinks she’s hot shit ‘cause she’s a sociopath.”

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Want vulgar shudder one

for reals reals? if so ill put it away 4 u

i’ve been cleaning out my apartment lately and realized i have way too much dir en grey stuff. :( if anyone would be interested in these pretty rare pieces of merch then by all means!
up for sale is (in order):
→ RADIO DUCAT non fortuna one show only rare t-shirt from 2011.
→ OVER THE VULGAR SHUDDER 2003(?) tour shirt, ain’t fucking to die. 
Size XL (Japan XL that is) ON HOLD
→ THE JAPANESE FUCKER FAMILY 2002 tourshirt, megarare and fucking awesome. Size M. ON HOLD

I’m thinking $25 + shipping per shirt? If you buy all of them I can throw in bonuses and lower the price a bit idk? Just want to get them to a better home etc. Email at mudaisales@gmail.com if you’re interested or send an ask here! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

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  • mom: stop fucking watching anime
  • me: